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LERAM: A common laboratory with IPREM and Urgo

The physics and chemistry of polymers team of the IPREM and the pharmaceutical URGO have joined forces to create LERAM, or Laboratory for the Study of Rheology and the Adhesion of Medical Adhesives, a common laboratory designed to create innovative products in the area of medical adhesives.

The science of bandages remains rather mysterious because it is very difficult to develop products that respond perfectly to the needs of users. Bandages are continue to be a very empirical area where there are still a lot of things to invent, explains Christope Derail, from IPREM-EPCP. It is a huge field of study, because the adherence of each kind of medical tape depends on its use, the kind of care being given, the different pathologies... Urgo, the leader in France for the care of the feet, the hands and wounds, share this view.

Derail's team had already worked with Urgo when the French government, in 2013, launched the specific open laboratories program for the creation of partnerships between public research and private enterprise. Urgo proposed that we respond together to the call for projects, Derail recalls. The idea was appealing because of our scientific and technological complementarities.

On one side, a business that understands the needs of the market and has demonstrated its abitility to create innovative products, and on the other, a team known for the quality of its research over the past 25 years in the physics and chemistry of polymers, and more specifically in the creation of adhesives. Labeled at the end of 2013, the common lab LERAM (Laboratoire d'étude de la rhéologie et de l'adhésion des adhésifs destinés à des applications médicales) now has three years to invent revolutionary bandages.