E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions

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The educational part of the E2S project will have three primary objectives:

  • Internationalisation of teaching Graduate-level courses in the E2S areas will be taught in English. The goal is to draw more foreign students, and to facilitate access to students arriving from partner universities that are part of E2S's international strategy.
  • Pluridisciplinarity A core part of the E2S educational project is to link instruction in the science of energy transition to the social and legislative aspects of the question.
  • Particular attention will be paid to the inscription and teaching of new doctoral students. E2S's goal in this area is to improve the ratio of undergraduate to graduate students, and to reach a level comparable to that of the internationally recognized universities that we have adopted as models.

Attractiveness for students

Masters in Engineering Curriculum (CMI)
Logo Figures CMI

The CMI or Masters in Engineering Curriculum is a university program for forming engineers, built on the model of the Master of Engineering programs in leading international universities.

SIMOS: Simulation and Optimization of Energy Systems

The International Masters SIMOS (SIMulation and Optimization of energy Systems) offers specialized training in the field of energy and more specifically, the optimization of energy systems. This training is an alliance between proven skills in the field of energy transition and optimization. It is of high interest for students from around the world.

Campus life
UPPA students in trail race

Campus life is rich at UPPA. The university benefits from high-quality sports and cultural equipment, where students and professionals can enjoy a wide range of cultural and sports activities.

Master in Chemistry and Life Sciences: Chemical and Microbiological Characterization for Environmental Issues
CMCEI field trip

Increasing demand in the fields of environment, sustainable development and health, implies a synergy of advanced skills in Chemistry and Biology Sciences. The “Chemical and Microbiological Characterization for Environmental Issues” course of the Master in Chemistry and Life Sciences aims to train specialists with knowledge of the most recent advances in analytical chemistry, physico-chemistry, molecular biology and environmental microbiology.

An international master in Civil Engineering

A network of world-class engineering schools team up to form an international engineering degree.

Innovative approaches

Transfrontier doctorials
Student speaking in conference

In 2011, the first Transfrontier Doctorials were organized between the University of Pau and the Pays de l'Adour and the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU), the only event of its type in the European Union. The Doctorials are an intensive workshop for PhD candidates, to prepare them for the job market.

UPPA's Undergraduate Quality Initiative

With its primary goal of continually improving education, the Undergraduate Quality Initiative has been a key strategic focus of UPPA since 2007. To accomplish this, and to harmonize the process across the components of the institution, the University created a "quality cell" to assist programs with implementation and with the use of the self-evaluation tools provided by the Observatory of Students (ODE).

ARTICE: Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) - and teaching at UPPA

E2S intends to provide each student with access to the necessary digital resources. For this, it will rely on the ARTICE Department to promote and support new forms of communication, teaching, learning and research through the use of CTBT.

Robots in the classroom!
Teacher with young children and robots

A team from the UPPA computer science lab participates in the PERSERVERONS project which brings together different resources in the Aquitaine region to use digital tools to encourage school perseverance and prevent school failure.

Transatlantic online learning: a joint waste-management course with the University of Morelos in Mexico
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An innovative program allows students in France and Mexico to share a course with important environmental dimension.

Sports: UPPA's successful atheletes

Sports are an important part of life in southern Aquitaine, and at UPPA. In 2016, UPPA athletes excelled in a number of competitions.