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Strong public-private partnerships

CEPyA: the Pyrénées Adour Enterprise Cluster

The creation of CEPyA
CEPyA members at first meeting

On the 24th of November, 2016, M. Amara, the president of UPPA, welcomed a group of twenty entrepreneurs and economic leaders for the launch of the UPPA enterprise club: CEPyA, the Cluster des Entreprises des PYrénées Adour or "Pyrénées Adour Enterprise Cluster".

Hélioparc: a shared campus


The Hélioparc technopole is located a stone's throw from UPPA's Pau campus. Since 1987, Hélioparc has been the home of three incubators, one of which focuses on geosciences, and another on digital technology, two strategic areas for E2S. By bringing together their expertise in helping start-ups and as well as their physical space, UPPA and Hélioparc want to create a common campus where researchers, entrepreneurs and students will cross paths everyday.

Carnot Institutes

ISIFoR: Carnot Institute certification
Institut Carnot ISIFoR

Institute for the Sustainable Engineering of Fossil Resources

NuMéA joins the Carnot Institute "France Future Livestock"
Carnot Institutes France Future Livestock

NuMéA joins France Future Livestock as the result of years of research on farmed fish nutrition, in partnership with the professionals of the aquaculture industry. It is not only a recognition of the quality of NuMéA's research but also an opportunity for funding research in the future.

Common labs

Laboratory for the Thermodynamics of Complex Fluids and their Reserveroirs UMR 5150

In 2005, UPPA, TOTAL and CNRS joined their efforts to create a joint research unit (UMR) on Petroleum Engineering and related topics. This internationally recognized common laboratory includes researchers in geology, geophysics, geomechanics, physics and chemical engineering who work together on topics related to complex fluids, unconventional reservoirs and extreme conditions.

A common lab for the study of complex matrices
C2MC Complex Matrices Molecular Characterization

A group of researchers from IPREM and LFCR are part of a new common laboratory, C2MC (for Molecular Cartographies of Complex Matrices), which is a major step forward in petroleum research. This partnership aims to establish precise molecular cartographies of fossil and plant raw materials used in refining and petrochemicals.

Laboratory for the Study of Rheology and the Adhesion of Medical Adhesives (LERAM)

The physics and chemistry of polymers team of the IPREM and the pharmaceutical URGO have joined forces to create LERAM, or Laboratory for the Study of Rheology and the Adhesion of Medical Adhesives, a common laboratory designed to create innovative products in the area of medical adhesives.

Architecture and urban physics

The goal of this UPPA common laboratory is to design innovative tools like a digital model that would take into account not only the architectural dimension, but also data on the human movement, accoustics, sunlight... The new chair is intended to ally the capacities of the SIAME laboratory (Engineering Science Applied to Mechanics and Electrical Engineering), the work of the LATEP (Laboratory of Thermal Energy and Processes) and the experience and expertise of Nobatek in sustainable construction.

Technology transfer

Set Transfert
Set Transfert

Land use practices and social management of the environment.

UT2A: Ultra Trace Analysis Aquitaine
UT2A logo

Chemical analysis and speciation for Agrifood and environmental sectors.

CANOE: Technological Center for Advanced Materials and Composites in Aquitaine Region

Innovative materials for aeronatics and the automobile industry.

Pilot programs: Energy transition …. A reality in southwest France

In the geographical space of the E2S institutions, a signficant number of initiatives and pilot programs dedicated to renewable energies are already in place.

Based on historical industrial activities and areas of expertise, most of them are developed in collaboration with research teams of UPPA.